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Cheapest Website Designing Services Kolkata, Web Design ₹3000 India
Website Designing services in Kolkata, India

Low-Cost Website Designing Services in Kolkata, India

Hire the best Web Designing Services at a low cost in India. We design all types f websites like personal, business, company, portfolio, services, and many more. Our Web Designers in Kolkata will design your mobile-ready responsive website for ₹2000/- or $30.

BudgetSEO Agency from Kolkata is offering their professional website designing facility to the World. We extensively use WordPress to design all kinds of websites.

Hire Web Designer at the Cheapest Rate

Hire the best Web designers at the cheapest rate in India. BudgetSEO agency from Kolkata provides this golden opportunity to all over the World.

The First Step

The first step to go digital with your business is to get a website. We don’t charge a lump-sum amount of fee to develop a website.

Cost less, Gain More

Here the service cost is minimum, but your gain is maximum. We do not just design websites, we make it an effective tool to promote your business.

Performance Matters

We make it to serve a purpose. It is the same purpose that you have in your mind. Make it successful. Make it perform on the digital web.

Benefits of Web Designing from BudgetSEO

Our website designing company in Kolkata offers exclusive benefits to the clients all over India and the World. Check them here.

Web Page Development with On-Page SEO

Check out the features of our website development agency in Kolkata, India. We completely follow SEO guidelines to design your personal and professional website.

This way, you would get all the SEO related benefits for your business and get good exposure on Search Engine like Google.

Mobile Ready Responsive Design

All of our websites are mobile ready and responsive in design. They can be accessed from any device whether it is a Desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet and so on.

Most of the web users utilize mobile devices to surf web. Hence, Each and every website must be mobile friendly in design.

High on speed and Performance

We develop high performance websites in Kolkata, West Bengal. All of our websites perform very well in terms of loading speed.

None like slow website – whether it is the clients or the Search Engines. Our designed websites get 80+ performance score on Google and GTMetrix standard.

Website Designing with WordPress

We make all kinds of web-page designing with WordPress. It is the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System). There are millions of high-quality websites that are built with WordPress.

There are several benefits of using WordPress for Website making. The most important is the performance of the site. And it can be easily achieved with WP.

We design new websites using WordPress at the cheapest packages in India and abroad. You can add all types of custom features on your website like contact form, online chat supports etc

Web Designing with WordPress

HTML Design

We also use HTML to develop the website from Kolkata, West Bengal. HTML website designing cost is as per the industry standard.

Wix Design

Our Agency also design websites with the Wix. Wix designed websites are rich in look and style. We build all kinds of sites with Wix.


BudgetSEO agency has designed numbers of shopping websites including online store, and E-commerce. You can check them, below.

SEO with Our Web Designing

BudgetSEO Agency in India, develops a website from the perspective of SEO. We enable SEO parameters on each and every designed website. It can’t serve its main purpose if the optimization is not done.

Meta Name and Description

Social Profile Integration

Schema for Local Business

Gzip + Cache for Fast Loading

Basic Logo and Favicon

H Tags and Keywords

Best services at the Lowest Price

The Cheapest Web Designing Packages

Advanced Pro

₹2000/- or $28

For Personal, Business, Company, Services
  • Up to 5 Pages WordPress Site
    • Responsive Design for Mobile
    • On-Page SEO
    • Basic Logo and Favicon
    • High Quality Images
    • Enable Gzip and Cache for Speed
    • Social Media and Sharing Button
    • Support for 30 Days

Advanced Pro

₹3500/- or $48

For Personal, Business, Company, Services
  • Up to 10 Pages WordPress Site
    • Responsive Design for Mobile
    • On-Page SEO
    • Basic Logo and Favicon
    • High Quality Images
    • Enable Gzip and Cache for Speed
    • Social Media and Sharing Button
    • Support for 60 Days

Cost of Shopping, E-commerce Web Designing in India

₹ 5000/- or $70

  • Up to 25 products upload with Description. Extra ₹1000/$14 for each 25 products upload.
    • Completely mobile-ready responsive design with WordPress
    • On-Page SEO
    • Basic Logo and Favicon
    • High Quality Images
    • Enable Gzip and Cache for Speed
    • Social Media and Sharing Button
    • Support for 60 Days
Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Website is important part of your business. You can grow your business and introduce it to the whole World, Digitally.You can reach to a large section of clients by showcasing your products and services. Website would enable you to go Global.

Website act like a shop for the owner. You can use this shop to attract you potential clients and help you to sell your products or rent your services. This is the sole purpose of your website. And if it does not serve you to fulfill that expectation then it is useless.

Visibility is most Crucial!!! A website needs visibility. People need to visit your website to know about your products and
services. A shop get visitors and customers naturally.

But the website can not make people visit it like a shop or office. You need to make people visit your website.

Website worth it when you are serious about it. Whether you are a businessman or other professional, you need clients. Your website would bring lots of potential clients for your products and services. If you don’t have one of those mentioned purpose in your mind, then it is my advice not to waste your money for a website.

A website can overcome the visibility issue with Search Engine Optimization. This is where SEO come to play its part.
After optimizing the newly designed website, major search Engines takes notices on it. So, you can get your new website on Googles search ranking. Off Page SEO makes people visit more on your site. This way the visibility of your website grow.

Differences between Shop and Website

Owing a shop is costly. You need to buy a space, decorate and set it up.You can get a full fledged high performance website at ₹3000/- ($30) in India.
Shop is available for a limited time for the clients. You can’t serve it on 24×7 basis. You might do that if you can spend more on employees.Website works on 24×7 for 365 days. You don’t have to spent extra for it. And you don’t need to hire people for that.
Maintaining a shop is also costly. You need to spend money on electricity, employee and other staffs on monthly basis.After getting a full working website, you don’t need to spend a single buck to maintain it for the whole year.